Frequently Asked Questions | Bitcoins Pharmacy | buy pills online
Frequently Asked Questions | Bitcoins Pharmacy | buy pills online

How do I check my order status?

Log into your Account then click on button “Order History” to view the status history, and comment on an order click on “View Details”.

What does “Pending” means?

Your request is either awaiting confirmation or credit card processing. Your request will be prepared inside next 24hs in the wake of putting it. On the off chance that you don’t get your installment confirmation after 48hs, please get in touch with us keeping in mind the end goal to check if there aren’t any processing issues.

What does the “Payment Confirmation E-mail” means?

Payment confirmation email advises you that your payment was prepared effectively, this implies your cash has been considered and that your request will be dispatched inside the accompanying 24hrs. Additionally, take note of that in this email you will be educated about the “charging descriptor” that will show up in your credit card explanation for this charge.

What does “In Process Of Shipment” means?

Once your credit card has been approved, your request status will be moved to “IN PROCESS OF SHIPMENT” until the point when your request is dispatched. Your request could stay in this status up to 24 business hours.

What does “Not Process” means?

Bitcoins Pharmacy maintains whatever authority is needed to refuse assistance at our own tact and with no reason. A few REASONS COULD BE:

– The item you requested isn’t permitted to be conveyed to your nation.

– Another illustration may be on the off chance that we can not get in touch with you by email on the address you gave or in the event that you submit a request under your name and put another cardholder points of interest to pay for the request. All things considered, you can either resubmit another request or advise the record holder to call us an approve to charge his/her card for your request.

– Your request was set with an IP which isn’t comparing to your neighborhood.

We additionally partake in a worldwide misfortune aversion Blacklist venture. In the event that your subtle elements coordinate a section in the boycott, we can not acknowledge orders from you.

How secure is ordering from the internet?

For your security, we are using SSL Encryption (Secure Socket Layer). This technology encrypts all communication between the sites secured pages and your computer making it safe to submit personal and credit card information.

Frequently Asked Questions | Bitcoins Pharmacy | buy pills online